Universities often require prospective students to submit a personal statement along with the application package. In order to approach the successful completion of your application process, you need to know exactly what a personal statement is.

A Personal Statement is a snap-shot of your personality which you present to the university. It is the first impression you set in front of the Admissions department. If you do this right, it becomes your ticket to the university. To start, know what the university wants to see in you. Have you thought out your future thoroughly? Are you career-oriented? Have you streamlined your objectives? Are you self-driven, motivated and ready to adjust to diversity? You need to put yourself in the selector’s shoes and sift through your personality to find out what would appeal t the selector the most.

Writing about your self can sometimes be very challenging. Write about what has made you; you. Write about your dreams, the hardships you have faced in order to realize each dream and all that you have done in order to mitigate your problems. Write about your positivity. Write about the characteristics you cherish in yourself. Note that you should not excessively highlight your good qualities; for nobody likes show-offs. Also, do not try to come off as an over-ambitious person.

The goals you present to the university should be SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely) and should not sound far-fetched. Every selector in the world appreciates a person with a well-routed plan; somebody who can look into their future and tell specifically where they will be after five years or so. Also, be ready about your plans regarding what to do with the education you will attain from the university. Show some part of social responsibility in this section of your essay. You need to convince the university that you are not going to let their education go to waste. For example if you are a prospective Civil Engineering student, you can write about your version of sustainable buildings that can withstand earthquakes and save human lives from wasting.

The most important part, though, is to remember to remain truthful. Know that the selector has years and years of experience and can easily pick out lies from truth, even in words. Do not state something you cannot put your hundred percent in, because it will show. Try to portray yourself, and not somebody you aspire to be. In the end, originality and individuality is what matters.

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